Speak the English Language With Technology

Speak the English Language With Technology

Do you speak English?
On the English side, I always start by looking at Hacker News. The operation of Hacker News is very similar to that of Reedit. Anyone can post an article and people can vote for or against what will influence their rankings. On the other hand, in Hacker News, to be able to vote against it takes 501 points of karmas.

Karma points get you back every time someone votes for an item you submitted. So basically there are only people who post quality who decide what is shit. Suddenly the army of professional Internet trolls has almost no impact on the rankings.

The second stop on the side of dev.to. This one is a little different from the others because, in fact, it is about a true community. And suddenly the system is a little special because the articles are made by the community directly on the site. Anyone can create an article via a link on the homepage. It opens you a text editor and goes ahead Jean-Jean you believe in you make us dream. After moderation, it goes directly on the live feed.

The result there are a lot of nuggets in a frequent way. There are also articles that just ask a question and the community responds in comments. This makes everyone participate in the article and the content is enriched as and when by everyone. This is one of my favorites, maybe I would write an article in English for the first time there.

Finally, we finish with the programming section of Reddit. You know very well how Reddit works I will not explain it to you again. What is interesting with this source is the number of items that are brewed in the same place. It is the community that, without limit, sorts the wave of posts daily. And as most people are super demanding what happens on top is like “must-read”. A must, in any case, the number of dev that passes and posts articles on this Reddit is impressive.
I do not have the time
I know that’s a lot I just got drunk with all my links there. I can already hear you saying: “You’re nice but I do not have the time to click on all your links I have a life”. And as I understand you! Nobody has time for that. Especially if it’s to fall on topics that interest you as much as the economy of Mongolia in the 80s. No, you need something fast that aggregates a maximum to remove all the poop.

Something that at a glance allows you to see as many different topics as possible for your market. Know who will have your attention among the masses. In short, something that manages all the spam of the anxiety for not that you have to manage it yourself. The answer is called Feedly. It is a news aggregator based on RSS feeds and is freely available on all imaginable platforms. Concretely it will look for you in a single page and in a single list all that interests you and it organizes via popularity.

Yeah, that’s all the work you just have to click on your favorite. Basically, I wanted to make a top 3 of the best aggregators by giving the pros and cons. But the truth is that Feedly, in my opinion, is so much above that it would be wasting my time and especially yours.

Feedly it’s the best. In a few clicks, you create your feed to you with only the sites that interest you, for example, this feed is great, and after that, it’s super intuitively available on your phone, tablet, PS4, and even your Tom-Tom. It’s life. It will save you a lot of time and you will not miss anything that happens.

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