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Specialized for more than 35 years in computer management, Megabyte has many references in a range of sectors. We have learned over the years that the security of your computer system is paramount. Too often we encounter flaws and problems that could have been avoided with some advice.

Avoid catastrophe by opting for our enterprise IT security solutions!

Your company has crucial data that needs to be protected properly. Losing this data would be considerable damage to your company. Their reconstitution, not always possible, could take weeks. It is important to choose a computer security solution that will protect your computer system and data.

IT security
For more than 35 years, Megabyte has been managing IT specialist for companies. We have solutions that will fit your needs and your infrastructure. With more than 35 years of experience, we have been able to develop leading-edge expertise for our clients’ IT management.

Make your choice in our IT security solutions for business!
We can cover all of the computer security points below to enable you to work as efficiently as possible without having to worry about anything.

  • UPS
  • Anti-virus
  • Firewall
  • Internal access security
  • Spam
  • Web Control
  • Security cameras
  • DRP
  • Etc.

We bring you computer security hardware and software solutions that are tailored to your needs as well as day-to-day advice and follow-up.

IT security team
Why are we the ideal partner for the IT security of your business?

  • You benefit from an impeccable help and hotline service
  • Our team of specialists knows your job and your requirements. They are at your disposal

Avoid the worst!

While working with internet interfaces brings its share of benefits, your business becomes at risk of falling prey to hackers. It is therefore essential to provide you with strong security software that enhances the protection of all your networks and computer peripherals. Groupe SSI strengthens you in the fight against cybercriminals by installing high-quality computer security software that can counter phishing.

Fight computer viruses

Computer viruses can quickly attack computers on your computer and cause you significant time and money loss. It is essential to install a powerful antivirus and to carry out regular updates. A good antivirus flies overall data on your computer network in real-time and eradicates any malicious data that may cause damage. Groupe SSI installs the best antivirus products on the market to offer you optimal protection.

Education above all!

While installing computer security software helps protect you, it’s important to motivate your employees to actively participate in protecting your IT infrastructure. By combining the training of your employees with powerful software, you are able to implement almost infallible protection for your computer network. Groupe SSI experts train your managers and employees for worry-free supervision of the security of your data.

Regular maintenance for effective safety

Groupe SSI cares about the security of your business and deploys all the necessary resources to quickly counter any incident directly or indirectly related to the attacks. We can set up your online security software to adapt to your realities, install powerful firewalls and antivirus suites that are close to perfection.

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