Huggy the Good Tips of the Technological Watch

Huggy the Good Tips of the Technological Watch

I’m going to give you links that are not stung by the chafer. I consult them several times a week to keep abreast of what is happening. We will start with the French part and then English and for each part, I make you a top 3 of my favorite sources.

Because already it will belong in Tabarnak this article but if in addition, I put all the sites of the Earth will be 10 kilometers long. You will run away in a lightning sprint and that’s not the goal. All sites that I will talk to you are feeder by great developers permanently (I’m talking about you there) which makes them essential sources and very high quality.
Human Coders is a box that offers training in development in general. They also have a party dedicated to articles and the day before. The articles are proposed by the people of Internets. So the links of hell are filtered by a moderator before publication. Which means that we have serious things practically every day and on almost every possible subject. I feel that there is some kind of live ranking based on the number of clicks and the time since the article was published. I say that a little picometer but it decides what you see first on the site.

If you like it, hacker, all the way, the hacker’s journal is really for you. It’s a great slogan that I just invent they should put it on the homepage so it’s beautiful. It’s a little in the same style as Human Coder except that the links are not filtered by a moderator. The same we are on the Internet and suddenly it leaves the door open to all windows if there are no filters. The trick of this site is that only registered people can post.

To register you must be invited by someone already registered. It’s a private club what. I’m not going to lie to you, I’m completely part of the club. Who wants an invite? In any case, this system guarantees a certain quality of content. After I think that if there are comedians who have fun to post shit there must be a mod that will come out of his cave Game of Throne mode to cut the heads that exceed. is the dinosaur of devs sites and it is also where you will find more information and different sources on the subject. It is as varied as it is complete and it is extremely complete. It goes from news to publications through folders and tutorials there’s something to read. And to my astonishment, there’s even a humor section. And yes we crack the pear in the club developers.

I would say that we laughed loudly between IT professionals! So I obviously spent a lot of time in this part of the humor. I wanted to compare with my expertise in-jokes. My verdict is that everything did not make me laugh, but it’s still good we love the touch of humor!

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