An assortment of Satellite TV options for everyone

When we think about satellite TV one thing that comes to our mind is a space satellite revolving around the globe and providing signals to our TV through which we can watch our favorite TV shows. Every TV broadcasting company uses their satellite in space which is sent from earth to provide a signal for their respective channels through some technical equipment. It includes an antenna that gets installed on your roof.

This satellite TV provides so many options to their customers concerning channels and their packages. You can get a connection even if you live in a rural area with no or very little connectivity. Also with very nominal charges, people generally prefer these satellite TV options. Many satellite TV comes with great deals and packages which include premium, as well as basic channels with an option to choose your package and they, also provide many offers and benefits. They are generally cable-less operators. Let’s learn more about these satellite TV options.

Types of Satellite TV-

  1. Direct-to-home satellite- This satellite also called communication satellite, provides digital services to its customer through a developed television program called a direct broadcast satellite. Some providers charge fees for these programming services while some provide it for free of the cost depends upon the deal and benefits. This broadcast system combines with a program that then transmits signals into channels. 
  2. Television Receiver- This is a traditional scope of a satellite that was used during early times when satellite TV was making its place in the broadcasting market. It was primarily used before the industry shifted through more advanced satellite TV options. It used a cable television network to receive a signal from the satellite. It comprises of a dish which was a circle in shape and estimated about 3 meters in diameter. Often called a “big dish”.


  1. Economical- one of the main features of satellite TV is it comes with economic benefits. Covers a very less amount and provides so many ranges in one place. It will help you in your savings and preparing your budget. 
  2. Variety of packages– They also provide many plans and packages for your entertainment which includes so many latest channels. It also covers all types of genres and lets you create your list of favorite channels.
  3. Cable less operator- It is a cable less system that directly receives a signal through a dish and then transmits it into channels. Every broadcasting company has its satellite.

What are the benefits of Satellite TV-

  1. Offers and benefits- Satellite TV provides various premium packages and basic packages to its customers which includes so many benefits and offers that no one can ignore. You can even choose a combination that includes your TV, internet, and phone also. But not all broadcasting companies provide this facility however they aren’t difficult to find.
  2. Cheap and pocket-friendly- They are very economical and cover very less amount as compare to other broadcast providers. You can choose channels according to your choice and preferences and you can also decide it according to your budget.
  3. Easy Availability- Satellite TV can provide service even if you live in a low connectivity area. Since they receive the signal through satellite, it rarely goes out of signal and works throughout the day. They aren’t limited by distance. From space to directly your house, their signal receptor is very fast.
  4. Signal quality- Even though the distance is uncountable between the satellite and your TV it won’t let you face any problem related to bad quality and poor view experience. They provide HD and Ultra HD TV channels. Enjoy your favorite channels with high definition and clear screening.
  5. National and international channel- Local TV will only let you enjoy your regional channels but satellite will also provide exposure to the outside world by giving you all the latest channels from all over the world, information, and entertainment from every corner. 

However, every benefit has some demerits too:

  1. Certain price hikes- After a year or later when you get used to these services, they tend to increase the price. The hike isn’t very high or unbearable but for some people who expend their every penny very precisely, it may create some problem so whenever you decide to have a satellite TV do some study and future planning. 
  2. No service during bad weather- Since the dish receives signals from satellite, sometimes bad weather comes in the way and it becomes difficult for the dish to catch signals. Sometimes cyclones and tornados can damage your entire system. 
  3. Limited access- some satellite doesn’t give access to all the regions and stays limited to certain channels only. So if you don’t want to explore the outside world then this won’t be any disadvantage for you but for some people it will be a little problematic. 

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