4 Reasons to Adopt the Kitchen Gadget That Everyone is Talking About

4 Reasons to Adopt the Kitchen Gadget That Everyone is Talking About

Do you rev up the slow cooker that allows you to prepare good meals during the day? So you’ll love the new cooking sensation, the Instant Pot . 4 reasons to adopt it for fast, well-done dinners.
1. Understand the “bibitte”
The Instant Pot is a multicooker. Multi … what? Simply put, it’s a hybrid kitchen gadget between your slow cooker and your mom’s pressure cooker (yes, yes, the famous pressure cooker). It is practical because it has 7 functions: pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, yogurt maker, frying pan, steam cooker and heating element for food.

The story of the Instant Pot is somewhat of a fairy tale. In 2010, an engineer from the Ottawa area is looking to start a business after losing his job. By noting the amount of junk food he gives to his children, for lack of time to cook healthy meals, he looks for a solution – for him, and for his business. This is how he invents, with colleagues, the “instant pot”. Since then, sales have doubled every year compared to the previous year.
2. The advantages of Instant Pot
It allows you to cook food faster. An example? These 6 recipes ready in less than 30 minutes! The cooker uses 70% less energy than a regular oven because of its speed. It allows cooking without additions of fat or salt since it concentrates the flavors, a little like a slow cooker.

The Instant Pot has a saucepan that cleans in the dishwasher. Much like a slow cooker, it keeps food warm once it’s ready. But unlike the slow cooker, it has a sensor and a thermometer. It is said to be less dangerous than traditional pressure cookers that could create mini-explosions and burns when releasing the pressure.

But its price is the greatest attraction: you can expect to pay a little over $ 150 for the basic model. Obviously, we make our purchase profitable if the Instant Pot allows us to save on other kitchen instruments …

3. The cooking speed
The Instant Pot is said to cook quickly, but how much? The company says it can cook foods 2 to 6 times faster than in their traditional cooking mode, that is to say in the oven or on the stove. But it is also necessary to provide a rest period, once the cooking is over, to let the steam fall, then escape. The recipes usually speak 15 to 20 minutes for this step. Not insignificant time on weeknights.

What to cook with the Instant Pot? Here are some favorite foods from real fans:

  • Oatmeal cooks in 2 times less time than on the stove.
  • You can make boiled eggs in 6 minutes, half of the 12 minutes needed in a pan on the stove.
  • Whole sweet potatoes cook in 15 to 20 minutes, unlike over an hour in the oven.
  • According to the magazine Bon App├ętit, one can concoct pork frayed in 42 minutes.
  • The dry black beans cook in 10 minutes, instead of 90 minutes in a pan on the stove.

4. A marketing craze
The selling point of the Instant Pot is based on an important value that rallies – at least in theory – not bad everyone: the idea of eating with family. Promotional videos speak of the Instant Pot as an accessible and easy way to start eating with your family again. It is from there, in part, that comes the craze for this kitchen gadget.

And the word “infatuation” is not too strong. In the United States, some even speak of a religion! Instant Pot fans call themselves “potheads” and gather in a Facebook community of 1.3 million people.

The story of the popularity of the Instant Pot speaks volumes about our times: shunned in the early years by traditional media, it’s really through word of mouth, blogs and social networks that he did his ascent. So much so that today, even the big food magazines devote important sections to it.

In Quebec, the madness of the Instant Pot is just beginning. Good to know: the company is launching a new version of its product every 12 to 18 months. For the next few years, models with larger containers are expected in the coming years.

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