Letsbuy.com Buy Back Program Review

Letsbuy.com Buy Back Program Review

In a first of its kind program for online electronics stores Letsbuy has come up with electronics buyback program where you can get rid of all your old electronics by selling it to Letsbuy Buyback Program and in lieu get a buyback coupon from them to use at their website to buy new electronics.

This way you are getting the money’s worth for your old products and also doing your bit to the earth by helping them recycle it as you are protecting from creating e-waste which may land up as a pile-up and pollute our earth.

How it Works

Just visit Letsbuy Buyback Program and get started by entering your old electronics details. After giving a truthful value and other details you will be given an estimate of the price that it can fetch which will be in the form of Letsbuy Gift Voucher. They will come and pick up the product from your place and evaluate it and confirm the price that was quoted and will reduce it if it was found that the description you have provided did not match, etc.

Then they will activate the gift voucher within 7 days of sending the product which you can use to buy any new product via their website letsbuy.com.

Gift Voucher Value

The gift voucher that you get via this buyback option is valid on 5 x times of minimum purchase. For example, if you get a voucher worth Rs. 1000 then the minimum purchase requirement is Rs. 10,000 to redeem it. This voucher is valid for just one use only.

What You Can Exchange?

Laptops, mobile phones, handphone, toaster, DVD/CD player, camera, blenders, dry iron, etc.

Apart from the drawback of redemption option of 5x the voucher value, this option is useful for those who have lots of waste and useless electronics lying around.

This is a wonderful option available especially from an online electronic store which is innovating new ways to get new customers to buy online. Here’s a new tablet from Smart, the Smart ePad HY which is a touch screen tablet with Android OS.

It is an ultra-thin and lightweight tablet that comes with the cheap price of Rs. 3999 in India which makes it very competitive in terms of price even along the lines of Aakash Tablet. It is a fully loaded feature-rich tablet which can be used to watch movies, play games browse the internet, etc.

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