Quick Heal Mobile Security Review

Quick Heal Mobile Security Review

India’s very own antivirus brand Quick Heal has come up with Quick Heal Mobile Security an antivirus and wholesome protection software for the Android-based smartphones as well as tablets. It provides complete security with its various features and options dedicated exclusively for Android phones and Android tablets.


  • Complete virus protection
  • Unsolicited call blocking
  • Unwanted SMS Blocking
  • Anti-theft protection


With the antivirus option in Quickheal Mobile Security, you can protect your smartphone from unwanted viruses, malware, spyware, etc getting installed via various apps that you download and use regularly.


If your mobile, smartphone or tablet is stolen, an SMS will be sent automatically and this Mobile Security will block your phone from further usage and thus securing all your personal data in it.

SIM Card Change SMS

If someone is changing your existing SIM card, automatically an SMS will be sent to a preset mobile number so that you can track and get back your mobile in no time.

Call block and SMS Block

With its features like call block, you can actually block any unwanted and unsolicited calls from the non-contact numbers as well as from predefined numbers. With its advanced feature of SMS blocking facility, you can actually stop all those pesky and unwanted messages that you receive on your mobile via spam SMSs.


The lifetime pack of the Quick Heal Mobile Security costs Rs. 450 in India. And lifetime here means just 3 years for your Android Phones or Android tablets.

This is an ideal product for those looking for some form of protection for their high smartphones and tablets and with this price, surely is the best buy or else you can just stick with the free antivirus software or tools available in the market for your mobile.

Save time and money every day with our solutions tailored to your challenges and your environment. Our independence allows us to offer proprietary software as well as free/open-source software:

  • business
  • office software (Microsoft Office, Open Office …)
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  • collaborative work tools

IT security
IT security is now a major issue for companies to ensure their competitive edge or simply their business.

We offer graduated answers allowing you to obtain the desired level of protection in order to face the risks to which you are exposed daily in your activity:

  • control of internal and external access
  • protection software (antivirus, antispam …: partner Kaspersky Lab since
  • Active network equipment (routers, firewalls, UTM …)
  • automated and outsourced backup systems outside the cloud for greater confidentiality
  • setting up a computer charter
  • electrical protection of IT equipment

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