Technological Watch: Stay Up to Date Without Becoming Tarnished

Technological Watch: Stay Up to Date Without Becoming Tarnished

Technology watch is a matter of life and death. Do you know that if you do not stay up to date you’re screwed? In any case, there are many painful people like me who repeat it to you constantly. By cons it takes time and especially it’s a little hidden. So you do not know where to look on the huge global Internet.

You went left on the right but you do not want to waste your time. Luckily you have just come across the world’s most Wackerman blog. Today we will be interested in technology watch and especially we will see how not to bang your head on the walls by doing it.

The danger of hugging

Yeah, I’m putting Quebecois in the headlines right now. In any case before starting with technology watch, strictly speaking, I would like both to discuss why I’m talking to you today. The dev goes at a crazy speed. Honestly, it’s just anything there’s a new thing every two hours. And when you find yourself in a professional context and ask yourself the famous question: “But why did you do it like that your solution?” Is that generally there is a better solution that you do not know. And it hurts your huge ego developer.

Jean-Michel dev, your colleague, he knew that there was techno and/or a more appropriate way to do your business. Because he has made his technology watch and is proud to share his findings. Maybe he will not understand why you do not know the latest case that just came out. He’s going to look really weird and it’s going to be a big moment of discomfort for everybody.

He is painful but he is right. Even though it took him time and energy to do his watch. Because yes, it will ask you to make a small sacrifice in your time. But the important information is that it will make you earn much more in the medium / long term. In addition, to shine in society with your culture dev, you will know what is happening in your area and suddenly you will help yourself.

After your watch, when you will arrive in front of your keyboard to hack everything you will already be in the future. You will remember what you have read and some technical choices will be obvious to you. It will save you a lot of time. Your box to she will like that. She’ll almost end up believing you’re a rockstar. In short, all this is very nice but where do we find all this famous technology watch?

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