YouTube Alternatives

YouTube is an online video sharing platform that allows both visual content creators to upload their content.

It has both paid and free package for its users.

Over the years, there has been much software that are being developed and it works exactly or almost the same.

When it comes to close rivalry, Viralvista , YouTube has no rival but it has close alternatives.

YouTube is well known by many and it’s been used by the majority of individuals.

But if you in any way want an alternative for YouTube, you may want to check out this article in other to get more information about the YouTube alternative that may suit your taste.

  1. Vimeo

One of YouTube alternative on our list is Vimeo,  it has about 90 million monthly visitors.

When it comes to sharing quality content, Vimeo has been on it and it has made them gain a reputation with it.

It allows content creators to unleash all their creativity, and the user interface is very friendly. It also allows easy sharing, liking, and commenting, and the option to follow other content creators.

One of the major drawbacks is that it allows you to only upload 500MB per week for free, and you have to pay extra bucks if you want to go above that.

  1. Dailymotion

Dailymotion is also a close YouTube alternative for video sharing, it has about 270 million monthly visitors.

Dailymotion is actually one of the most similar to Youtube. This app is very easy to navigate and it offers it’s users and visitors a wide range of video content without censorship.

When it comes to a close YouTube competition, then I bet Dailymotion is on the winning side as it has many people using it.

Like YouTube, it’s a major drawback is that it’s not ads-free and for you to watch HD contents(1080p above), you have to pay.

  1. PeerTube

PeerTube is another video sharing app like YouTube, it has about 100k monthly visitors.

It offers you the opportunity to get your content on their website without getting blocked, censored, or your videos get removed.

PeerTube is a new and ad-free option, unlike YouTube.

It supports high-quality videos, uses peer-to-peer video broadcasting, but the most amazing feature is that it’s open-source, which means anyone can contribute to the code. Unlike Youtube, PeerTube doesn’t have recommendations algorithms.

One of its major drawbacks is that it has a very weird and complicated installation process which requires lots of JS packages

  1. Bitchute

The Bitchute video sharing platform has about  11 million visitors monthly.

You can call it the uncensored version of YouTube with a focus on undeniable free speech.

Over the years, it had attracted lots of political content that would have been seen as controversial after Youtube started the restriction, visibility, and monetization of politically vocal channels.

Another thing is that Bitchute is ad-free AMD has a lot of political content that leans towards “alt-right” and conspiracy theories.

  1. LBRY

LBRY is an ad-free video sharing platform that has about 140k monthly users. It doesn’t allow anyone but the publisher to remove their videos.

It also likes a market place to sell your videos as You can price the content you upload and take 100% of the revenue.

As a user, you can also share music and e-book and not only the video contents.

LBRY allows you to automatically sync all your YouTube content to appear on your feeds via the LBRY platform.

Searchability issues are the only disadvantage you get.

  1. DTube

Finally on our list of Facebook alternatives is the DTube platform.  It has about 420k monthly visitors and it’s more like YouTube’s younger cousin.

Although not as popular as YouTube, but it’s definitely a must check if you are looking for an ads-free video-sharing platform. It uses a decentralized video sharing method and you should give it a trial.

With the decentralized feature, no one can tamper with your content and uploads.

Their major drawback is the fact that it is slow when it comes to uploading videos.

With any of these platforms, you can upload or watch video contents without restrictions and limits and most of them are free.

If you want an alternative, you can check out any of them.

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