What is Information Technology?

What is Information Technology?

Guarantee the utility
At Possible Future, we refuse to let ourselves live in a world where the technological innovations available to consumers are electric scooters and smartphones at € 1500. A world where engineering wonders in production techniques are used to create perfect spinning rotors for hours.

This scooter is connected.
Here is a useful technology! No mistake: I’m not trying to say that technology and science are no longer useful today. We live longer than ever, with the comfort of life unequaled in the history of humanity. We can communicate with our loved ones from the other side of the earth. Hundreds of millions of deaths are prevented by vaccines.
In our interpretation, a useful technology is:
technology that saves lives: to provide access to health facilities adapted to populations in developing areas; a technology that puts us in a more sustainable and livable world: removing plastic from the oceans, capturing CO2 to limit global warming;

technology that solves a real problem for a group of people, so “small” is it: allow color-blind people to discover the world in its true colors, dyslexic children to learn with appropriate tools, etc.

Our wish is that Crowdfunding supporters and the big VCs of this world are interested in Seabin (a trash that cleans the water of plastic and hydrocarbon waste ports) rather than investing 120 million in Juicero (a press- juice that a simple hand can replace ), for fear of missing out on the next nugget. Apple has managed to sell over a billion iPhones but we are still unable to properly sort our own waste: we must review our priorities.

If I joined Possible Future, it is because we are really thinking about projects in order to have a positive impact on our society. And this positive impact is often based on a technology used in a reasoned manner, in a promising business context.
We are committed to realizing innovation projects, where the integration of technology to a solution comes as a response to real use. This ensures that technology adds value without unnecessarily complicating the solution. Ideally, a guardian of science and the sworn enemy of the gadget!

If this posture is necessary, it is also to ensure the maximum acceptability of solutions, not to create gas plants. When we imagine a digital service for building artisans, we do not add a thousand layers of AI and personalization to look pretty.

We focus our efforts on the availability of the service, the effectiveness of the app and maximizing the time saved by users in order to evacuate their rubble and make the public road more passable for all. When using the blockchain-inspired by CryptoKitties (a priori unnecessary), it is to reinvent the gift experience and maintain the biodiversity of corals.

In this world saturated with gadgets, it is high time to reposition with ambition technology and science not as a way to stack features in everyday objects, but as a lever to make our objects more useful.

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