Welcome to the Era of Useless Technology

Welcome to the Era of Useless Technology

Or why the gadget should never take precedence over the useful
Do you know the second most supported Kickstarter project in the history of the crowdfunding site? It’s cooler.
But here we’re not talking about the cooler at the last family picnic, which has been dusting since 2007 or equipment for hangover kids, who decide to have a picnic at the last minute and find an old bakelite object in the cellar. We are talking about the Cooler Rolls, which we are not afraid to tag on Instagram because we know that our 124 followers will be in full FOMO.
We are talking about CON-NEC-TÉE cooler kids. Warning the eyes!

Meet the Coolest Cooler
The Coolest Cooler, the wonder of ingenuity according to its creators, has a multitude of accessories: blender, sound system, flashlight, cutting board, and integrated bottle opener. Increased cooler if there is one: it adds all-round functionality.

On the other hand, there is never any question of making the object more efficient in its primary mission, that is to keep food and drinks cool. Yet the project has federated nearly 63,000 people, raising over $ 13 million. The height of absurdity or saving failure, this cooler was never delivered to the people who supported the project. It’s cooling!
Useful technology at risk?
Have you ever typed “useful technology” on Google? The results are often lists of gadgets, that is to say, objects that are fun and new, but mostly futile. By taking a step back, I wonder: does this mean that when someone wants to know more about innovation, science, and progress, he only has access via Google to a simple list of gadgets?

It’s scary when you know that Google is the first filter of access to digital knowledge, for a large majority of the population. Indeed, Google Search is the medium used by almost 90% of the world population connected to the Internet to learn and find information.
Are we reducing science and progress today to trivialities?

At least he remains Quora …
It is true that technological innovations “fun” can have a significant educational aspect, since they can be used to familiarize consumers with new technologies, in a fun context. For example, Amazon has allowed the general public to become familiar with voice assistants, although overall Alexa remains for the moment little useful. I remain convinced, however, that they should only be a marginal part of new products. More effort should be focused on creating useful objects and not on projects with buzz potential.

I also think that these “not really useful” innovations should not have such a big presence in the media: by promoting the futile, bandwidth is reduced, and at the same time the scope, useful technological innovations.

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