Why Chatbots Are the Future of Digital Marketing

Bots from firms like Convertobot are the future of online business. In fact, more businesses are using chatbots on their websites than those that are not. 

Marketers have yet to fully explore the marketing possibilities of chatbots but with more competition, the day is soon coming when they will. Chatbots are bound to be the next great marketing channel due to their prevalence and reach in modern online business endeavours. 

A chatbot is simply a computer program that automates particular tasks. However, conversational chatbots are the most common among them and usually chat with a user using a conversational interface. 

Simple chatbots are pre-programmed by developers while more advanced chatbots use Artificial Intelligence (A.I). With the use of A.I, chatbots can comprehend complicated commands, customize responses to the user and improve over time among other things. 

Marketing Through Chatbots

With the development of AI-powered chatbots, processes are shortened and reduced to several steps beginning with asking the chatbot. Such a chatbot will ask you several questions to gauge your intent, and then offer you the appropriate information to fulfil your request. 

The beauty of marketing products and services through a chatbot is that they offer the information to consumers directly where they are i.e. when chatting with a bot. with modern users wanting to research products before they buy them and wanting information as soon as possible, a chatbot is a perfect avenue to satisfy user’s needs.

For example, if a customer uses a chatbot to ask for a service such as to an ask for an Uber ride, it is easy for Uber to present other services and products to the customer at this point. It not only feels organic as it is the context of the same conversation but customers are more likely to take a good look at the offering that if it were to be presented through regular online advertising channels. 

Marketing through chatbots solves one of the primordial problems of marketing which is users feeling that they are being bombarded by advertisements. Instead, marketing is customized and associated with past purchasers of the user which reduces the need for many advertisements to capture the user’s attention. 

With messaging applications being used by billions of users every day, it is no surprise that the future of online marketing is in chatbots. People are using messaging platforms instead of their associated social networks more than ever before. 

The increased use of online messaging platforms is one of the significant shifts that has happened to consumer behaviour in the past decade. Brands are going to have to take advantage of this avenue to stay ahead of the competition.  

The shift from email marketing and social media advertising has put the users in control of their purchasing decisions. Therefore, any company that can advertise to users and provide value where they actually spend their time online i.e. messaging platforms, will be ahead of the curve. 

Providing a direct line to users between a problem and a solution is the largest advantage of marketing via chatbots. Using chatbots across all devices is an opportunity for marketing whenever users are and are certainly where we are headed. 

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