How to Improve Blogger Wellbeing in a Digital World

We are all getting used to this new work/life balance… but how to we maintain a Positive Mental Attitude when we don’t leave the house some days?

The digital world is relentless. It’s 24/7, 7/365, and it never sleeps. If you don’t turn off that work email, there’s always some overzealous colleague that will mail you at 3 am with an idea for a new blog. It’s the same with your work phone, your laptop, and any of the other digital devices that keep you connected throughout the day. 

While it’s fantastic to be able to find out the answer to life’s little questions at the touch of a button, it’s also incredibly difficult to switch off from it all, when you are on the receiving end. Insomnia, burnout, and stress are some of the symptoms of a bad work/life balance. When you get to that point, you need a break from that digital world.

What are the Best Ways to Disconnect?

We explored some great ways you can get some you time, below.

Turn it ALL off

The laptop, then the tablet, then the phone, then everything else that buzzes except for your alarm clock for the following day. Watch a film, read a book, but be sure to logout of anything that will make you think you are still working.

Study Mindfulness

One of the most underrated ways we must monitor our own health and wellbeing, is the act of mindfulness. It’s not hard to learn and, when used correctly, focuses you in the present. This is useful during your down time and generally helps all round with living life in the moment.

If you are worried about wellbeing at work, try mindfulness for the best chances of improving that all important balance. There are plenty of free online mindfulness resources that can help you.

Get Away from it All

We don’t mean booking an expensive holiday, we mean taking ten minutes out of your day to go walk in the dog park, or in the forest, or to go and sit in the sun and read. 

Physically getting up and removing yourself from your screen is a great way to press the reset button in your brain. Short breaks have shown to increase productivity – especially on those days where you feel frustrated by the tasks that lie ahead. 

Have Fun with Friends

Remember when you were in your college years and you used to hang out with your friends most nights? When was the last time you are your bestie had a good gossip? Having a giggle with your best buddies can help you to feel better about life, the universe, and anything else that’s been bothering you.

The best part is that your bestie must listen… it’s their role in life.

Rounding Up

There’s no need to feel like the digital world is controlling your every waking moment. Switch off, relax, and be sure you don’t always have a device in your hand, and you should do just fine.

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