Domain Email Address vs Generic Email Address

There are many benefits of buying a Domain Email address as opposed to a generic email address offered by free email providers like Gmail, Yahoo and Outlook. While generic email addresses are suitable for personal use, a business needs a Domain Email address. Today, we will compare generic and Domain Email addresses and help you determine the best one for you.

Domain Email Addresses vs Generic Email Addresses

A Domain Email address boosts the credibility of your business. On the other hand, a free email address can create doubts in the mind of a prospective customer. Here are some differences between domain and generic email addresses:

1. Email privacy

Most generic email providers limit your email privacy. If you read the user agreement that you sign with providers like Gmail or Yahoo, you will find a clause that specifies these limits. On the other hand, when you purchase Domain Email hosting, the agreement with the provider ensures comprehensive privacy policies to safeguard your interests. Hence, as a business, a Domain Email address is better than a generic email address.

2. Security

Email correspondence in a business can contain sensitive or confidential information. If you are communicating with your clients, then they would expect you to keep their data secure. But if you are using a free email service, then it is not possible to ensure security. Also, since free email providers have a vast user base, they are always potential targets for cyber-criminals. With a Business Email account, by paying a small amount, you can be sure of your site’s security by paying a small fee. Most email providers deploy the latest security tools to ensure that their servers are highly secure.

3. Brand Image

Imagine writing an email to a prospect from a free email account like Gmail or Yahoo. The chances of them believing that the email is genuine are low since there is no way for them to ascertain that the mail is from you. Hence, it does not help establish your image as a trustworthy brand. On the other hand, if the prospect receives an email from a Domain Email address, then trusting the contents of the email is easier.

4. Scalability

Usually, free email accounts have limited features and storage. While some providers offer a paid upgrade, the scalability is limited too. On the other hand, Business Email services allow you to scale up resources as per your requirements. It is a must for growing businesses since growth usually implies more employees and higher email resource requirements.

5. Costs

Generic email addresses are free and hence suitable for those businesses that are still testing the waters. However, serious business owners need the benefits offered by Business Email services. While they come at a cost, the benefits far outweigh the costs.

Summing Up

While generic email addresses seem cheaper, since there are no costs associated with them, there are several limitations. On the other hand, a Domain Email address offers a range of benefits, as explained above. Before you opt for one, ensure that you consider all the essential aspects and assess your email requirements carefully. Good Luck!

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