Different Solar Lamps for Saving Energ Solar Lamps for Decoration

What is a Solar Lamp?
The solar lamp is the lamp portable lamp which uses an LED that is a light-emitting diode and it charged from the sunlight in the form of photovoltaic to charge the battery of these lamps. These lamps have solar panel to collect the photovoltaic charge and it uses that charge at night to illuminate the bulb and spread light in your lawn and garden. You can use these lamps for the indoor use by stabilizing the solar panel outdoor.

These lamps are good for decorating the lawn and garden at night and they also need a small charge to illuminate. It doesn’t need monthly charges of electricity because it illuminates with solar energy so you need only the buying cost of these lamps.

These lamps are available in many designs and many purposes like the different lamps for the garden, lawn, outdoor big lamp, indoor lamps, small lamps, night lamps and etc. you can select your desired lamp and save the energy because it reduces the monthly cost of electricity and also good for saving energy.

Benefits of Solar Lamps
1. These lamps are illuminated with solar energy.
2. It reduces electricity cost and also reduces the monthly charges of electricity.
3. Use solar power and save electricity which is necessary for saving power and earth.
4. The charges of lamps are affordable and work long-lasting as compared to a normal bulb.
5. Good for decorating garden and lawn.
6. No harmful rays present in it so it is good for health.
7. The illumination power of a few watts so it is suitable for eyes.
8. Working time is 8 to 10 hours which is enough.
9. Maintenance and installation are easy.

Different Solar Lamps
There are some different lamps are available for indoor and outdoor decoration. You can use these lamps in different places.

1. Portable Solar Lamp – This is the portable solar lamp which has so many accessories and facilities that means, it has FM, Radio, AM, cell phone charger and etc. the important thing is that this lamp is charged from solar energy so there is no need of electricity and you can use it at night and anywhere.

2. Solar LED Light – This solar LED light is charged from the solar energy and you can use it in your garden, lawn and anywhere in the home. This lamp is automatically turned where it detects motion at night so it is good for the time when you are walking in the garden at night so light completely covers you where you turn.

3. Motion Light with Security Camera – This is the motion sensor light which detects the motion and turns automatically as the senses the motion and the security camera is available with it so you can easily prevent you home with the help of this night lamp. It is very easy to install and you can get the rechargeable battery with it.

The Benefit of the Small Android Tablets

The field of computing is altering quickly using the inclusion of small Android tablets. These small tablet computer systems are attaining immense recognition not just among internet tablet fans but additionally among Android fans. This information will cover a few of the reasons that buying a small Android tablet is really so appealing.

First around the discussion agenda may be the lightweight of those small tablets. The ultimate portability of those little bundles of cuteness is sufficient reason by itself for individuals to obtain looking forward to their existence. For the ladies available, you may also carry one of these simple inside your purse in the protective sleeve.

Indeed, it’s highly realistic these small internet tablets could be taken anywhere. Oh, the places you’ll go! No more be tied lower with a cumbersome laptop you need to carry around inside a huge new laptop bag that’s larger than the brief-case you accustomed to carry.

An excellent reason (for a lot of, possibly the very best reason) to buy a brand new small Android tablet may be the cost. Leading tech information mill consistently delivering tablet minis which are listed under $100. The Archos 28 Internet Tablet having a 2.8″ screen is really a fine illustration of the cost of those completely functional small computer systems. This Archos “pocket tablet” is really an obvious illustration of innovation meeting cost.

Talking about completely functional, that’s another spectacular feature that fishing lures in small Android fanatics. These tablets might be small, however, they pack an enormous punch when it comes to functionality. With full internet browsing abilities that rival a complete sized laptop or computer, there’s really no compromise when switching to some miniature Android tablet.

Keep an eye out wise phones! The quantity of available Android applications is completely amazing and it is growing in mass amounts every day. With applications that may do virtually everything, what is not to like about Android applications?

Are you currently searching for another reason to leap around the small Android internet tablet bandwagon? Take a look at the truth that you will find no monthly costs involved! Why spend a regular monthly fee to see the internet on the wise phone when you’ll have a considerably faster and affordable internet browsing experience in your Android-powered small tablet device?

Well, what exactly are you awaiting? Find the perfect small Android tool and be moving toward the very best internet experience you’ve ever had.

Tablets and Laptops Creating a Mobile Choice

Recently the tablet pc has started to exchange laptops because of the ideal traveling with a laptop solution. Each device has its perks and it is defected, so which is the best for you? The solution is based on personal preference typically, but each device has reasons both to make use of and steer clear of it.

Benefits and drawbacks of Laptops
Most likely the greatest help to utilizing a laptop may be the hardware involved. Laptops range between a little machine able to word processing and very little else to complete desktop substitutes. They are able to see the internet, play games, run almost any business software, read Dvd disks along with other physical media, and therefore are highly adaptable. For individuals who hate typing on the touch screen, laptops have full keyboards. They are also generally quite durable.

The disadvantages to presenting a laptop originate from the advantages. Laptops are large. They are able to frequently be rather heavy and need a full situation or backpack to hold around. Laptops may also grow quite hot, particularly if they get clogged with dust because of poor ventilation.

Additionally, they harder as well up and launch programs compared to a standard tablet. For the time being, too, you will find more malicious programs that attack laptops than you will find for tablets. Laptops with current hardware are frequently very costly too.

Perks and Defects of tablets

tablets are small. They are highly mobile. A tablet could be drawn from its situation, switched on, used, and set away within the time that it takes to set up a laptop. Getting one surface for interface and display will save on weight and volume, meaning the unit is more compact and lighter than the usual laptop.

The controls tend to be more directly interactive and intuitive than the usual laptop, simply because they use common gestures. There is a number of programs to do nearly any task that may be needed of the traveling with a laptop device.

Regrettably, tablets get their disadvantages. They may be easily broken. Unlike a keyboard, should you break the interface on the tablet it cannot be changed? tablets will also be impossible to upgrade. To obtain a more effective machine, another one should be bought — if your more complex one even is available. tablets are more compact, however, they may also be easier stolen.

Also, while a tablet may have the ability to try everything essential for a mobile phone, the application library continues to be more compact compared to decades of gathered software readily available for Computers. Tablet hardware can also be more limited, meaning some intensive programs will not function.

Selecting a Mobile Computer

As it pertains lower to making the decision from a tablet and laptop, it truly is dependent around the context useful. tablets tend to be better suited for clean, safe conditions, so when the consumer is continually on the go. Laptops require more room and much more setup time but work as stronger and effective machines.

One factor to bear in mind is the fact that as time continues, tablet technology can get better. To correctly determine which the first is the best choice, you will need to evaluate your personal situation to determine.

Choosing Electronic Tablets Inquiries to Ponder

Introduction: You will find many complex factors to judge when buying the pricey tablet. 1) Purpose, 2) Operating-system Platform Selection, 3) Cost, 4) Application Buying (Applications), and 5) Sturdiness, Loss, and Alternative factors.
The title of “tablet” denotes “simple reading through and writing access”. This might be true, but you will find many questions you need to request before trading inside a tablet on your own or perhaps your child.

To start with, using the iPad – tablet craze, you will find many versions available for a number of abilities. It’s being a tablet revolution as new ora emerge to contend with Apple’s commanding iOS, and today their new O X “Mountain Lion” operating-system interface being released soon.

Named system is now being bought alongside other screen multiples the average household consists of televisions, desktop computers, netbook computers, laptops, and wise phones. To become better, every individual, guy, lady, and child can each own, and divide their time, between several kinds of screens, in multiples. They’re even being modified into our automobiles. Even, Internet TV is here now.

tablets really are a revolution touch learning device, as students can see and learn new material using the tap of the finger, as youthful as at age three. If you are an adult or teen that has used a Wise Phone for a long time, moving towards the touchscreen interface is going to be simple. tablets appear as an outsized “Wise Phone”, with touch symbols, and they provide you with the bigger display size. The different programs are understood, where they get you for what you ought to know.

There’s an issue regarding how “heavy-duty” named is perfect for intensive business functional document usage, and making presentations, or whether it’s very best in classes or homes. To check using a desktop computer along with a tablet: Using the Home windows PC you suffer from start menus, rodents frequent lowering and raising specified home windows, boot-up time, and sites. It might be a pc session.

Using the tablet device, you launch a credit card application, and you are by using their application immediately. There you have it. It’s not necessary to train computer or keyboarding use to be able to make use of the Math or Reading through the application.

And, it’s small, highly portable. That’s a large difference. Subsequently, you will have to consider how to divide your time and effort between all the multiple interactive screens you, and your loved ones, buy and operate fitness center away.

Is Microsoft Surface on Componen Using the Android Tablets

Using the launch of Microsofts Surface Tablet early this month, situations are beginning to warm up within the pc tablet wars. Obviously, each company features its own gang of fans which will state that their own is much better within the relaxation. You will come across individuals who will explain to market pc tablet and change to another brand.

Hardware smart, there’s not a difference because they are all tablet Computers. There’d most likely be considered a difference within the type of materials for that casing, how big the screen and also the resolution. The main one factor that people should certainly consider may be the software which will run everything and set the standard of methods we could make use of the pc tablet.

You will find lots of Android-based tablets out there. It is because Android may be the only software option for other pc tablet makers on the market unless of course, the producers will also be prepared to spend some money for research in developing their very own software for use through the pc tablet they manufactured.

Android, that is produced by Google, is open-source software, which may be utilized by anybody with no anxiety about being smacked having a multi-billion dollar suit for illegal use. Pc Tablet producers elected to visit and employ this already available software to operate along with their hardware. Allows facing the facts, not every tablet producers possess the talent and skill to build up their very own software his or her expertise is based on hardware development.

With Android being open-source software, you actually cannot tweak it in a way that it’ll work solely for just one product or brand. Since a lot of people share it, Google, Androids creator, cannot use only one manufacturer to really make the software appear to enjoy it was produced with that particular hardware in your mind.

This is when Microsoft will have the ability to move in front of the competition. Since their software was created solely for his or her own use, they’ll have the ability to tweak it in a way that it’ll enhance the very best within the hardware they manufactured. Also, getting devoted software, you may expect that you will see programs or any other things that can’t be seen or completed with another tablet Computers. It will likely be for his or her exclusive use.

Android tablets are certain to be considered a welcome sight towards the market being centered by iPad. This provides us, the customers several more options when designed to determine which pc tablet to buy. You will find much more Android-based tablet Computers that may succeed when placed alongside using the iPad and could cost under it. The cost difference might be the one thing to convince me to market my iPad.

Until Microsoft finalizes the specs of both it’s Home windows RT version and also the Professional version that will operate on the entire Home windows 8 operating-system, our decision which pc tablet is the greatest on the market is going to be placed on hold.

Obviously, everybody was excited when Home windows finally introduced the presence of the Microsoft Surface Tablet. However, you will find still several things that should be clarified, so allows hold back until the ultimate announcement to ascertain if it’s useful to market pc tablet or otherwise.

How to React if You Are Accused of Downloading Pirated Content

Do not ignore warning e-mails and, if necessary, contact a lawyer.
Like many Internet users, Andre Laplante occasionally downloads pirated movies and TV series via the BitTorrent protocol, a practice that contravenes Canadian copyright law. In early October 2018, this resident of Lévis receives by registered mail a letter from Aird & Berlis, Toronto. The missive informs him that a movie studio, Bodyguard Productions, accuses him of downloading and sharing BitTorrent movie The Hitman’s Bodyguard.

If necessary, contact a lawyer

When we spoke to him last October, Andre Laplante had taken steps with a lawyer to defend himself. “It’s the right thing to do,” says James Plotkin, an Ottawa lawyer who represents consumers in the same situation. “We must not ignore this type of letter, otherwise we risk losing by default in court. “

According to Mr. Plotkin, in this type of lawsuit, copyright holders and their lawyers are primarily trying to reach out-of-court settlements. The maximum damages for a non-commercial copyright infringement being $ 5,000 in Canada, the plaintiffs are seeking such an amount.

However, according to Mr. Plotkin, the case law shows that the damages must be proportional to the loss suffered by the copyright holder. “In many cases, the loss probably equals a few movie tickets at most,” says the lawyer.

Do not ignore warning e-mails

From time to time, André Laplante receives from his ISP notices that he has downloaded pirated content and that he must stop sharing it. This kind of warning simply requires removing the files in question from your BitTorrent software, which makes them accessible to all its users.

“I may have received an email about The Hitman’s Bodyguard, but I do not remember it,” said the resident of Lévis, adding that he always erases this kind of message. According to the firm Aird & Berlis, the user would indeed have received one. Ignoring the advice of his ISP, he opened the door to a lawsuit.

Warnings like those received by Andre Laplante are commonplace. According to Plotkin, copyright holders are mandating IT investigation companies to determine which IP addresses (related to ISP accounts) have downloaded BitTorrent files. For example, a film studio may ask your provider to send you a copyright infringement notice.

Since this is only a small tap on the fingers, you do not have to contact a lawyer. But you should stop sharing pirated content, otherwise, you might one day, like Andre Laplante, receive a lawyer’s letter.

It Security: Sophos Solutions

Specialized for more than 35 years in computer management, Megabyte has many references in a range of sectors. We have learned over the years that the security of your computer system is paramount. Too often we encounter flaws and problems that could have been avoided with some advice.

Avoid catastrophe by opting for our enterprise IT security solutions!

Your company has crucial data that needs to be protected properly. Losing this data would be considerable damage to your company. Their reconstitution, not always possible, could take weeks. It is important to choose a computer security solution that will protect your computer system and data.

IT security
For more than 35 years, Megabyte has been managing IT specialist for companies. We have solutions that will fit your needs and your infrastructure. With more than 35 years of experience, we have been able to develop leading-edge expertise for our clients’ IT management.

Make your choice in our IT security solutions for business!
We can cover all of the computer security points below to enable you to work as efficiently as possible without having to worry about anything.

  • UPS
  • Anti-virus
  • Firewall
  • Internal access security
  • Spam
  • Web Control
  • Security cameras
  • DRP
  • Etc.

We bring you computer security hardware and software solutions that are tailored to your needs as well as day-to-day advice and follow-up.

IT security team
Why are we the ideal partner for the IT security of your business?

  • You benefit from an impeccable help and hotline service
  • Our team of specialists knows your job and your requirements. They are at your disposal

Avoid the worst!

While working with internet interfaces brings its share of benefits, your business becomes at risk of falling prey to hackers. It is therefore essential to provide you with strong security software that enhances the protection of all your networks and computer peripherals. Groupe SSI strengthens you in the fight against cybercriminals by installing high-quality computer security software that can counter phishing.

Fight computer viruses

Computer viruses can quickly attack computers on your computer and cause you significant time and money loss. It is essential to install a powerful antivirus and to carry out regular updates. A good antivirus flies overall data on your computer network in real-time and eradicates any malicious data that may cause damage. Groupe SSI installs the best antivirus products on the market to offer you optimal protection.

Education above all!

While installing computer security software helps protect you, it’s important to motivate your employees to actively participate in protecting your IT infrastructure. By combining the training of your employees with powerful software, you are able to implement almost infallible protection for your computer network. Groupe SSI experts train your managers and employees for worry-free supervision of the security of your data.

Regular maintenance for effective safety

Groupe SSI cares about the security of your business and deploys all the necessary resources to quickly counter any incident directly or indirectly related to the attacks. We can set up your online security software to adapt to your realities, install powerful firewalls and antivirus suites that are close to perfection.

Quick Heal Mobile Security Review

India’s very own antivirus brand Quick Heal has come up with Quick Heal Mobile Security an antivirus and wholesome protection software for the Android-based smartphones as well as tablets. It provides complete security with its various features and options dedicated exclusively for Android phones and Android tablets.


  • Complete virus protection
  • Unsolicited call blocking
  • Unwanted SMS Blocking
  • Anti-theft protection


With the antivirus option in Quickheal Mobile Security, you can protect your smartphone from unwanted viruses, malware, spyware, etc getting installed via various apps that you download and use regularly.


If your mobile, smartphone or tablet is stolen, an SMS will be sent automatically and this Mobile Security will block your phone from further usage and thus securing all your personal data in it.

SIM Card Change SMS

If someone is changing your existing SIM card, automatically an SMS will be sent to a preset mobile number so that you can track and get back your mobile in no time.

Call block and SMS Block

With its features like call block, you can actually block any unwanted and unsolicited calls from the non-contact numbers as well as from predefined numbers. With its advanced feature of SMS blocking facility, you can actually stop all those pesky and unwanted messages that you receive on your mobile via spam SMSs.


The lifetime pack of the Quick Heal Mobile Security costs Rs. 450 in India. And lifetime here means just 3 years for your Android Phones or Android tablets.

This is an ideal product for those looking for some form of protection for their high smartphones and tablets and with this price, surely is the best buy or else you can just stick with the free antivirus software or tools available in the market for your mobile.

Save time and money every day with our solutions tailored to your challenges and your environment. Our independence allows us to offer proprietary software as well as free/open-source software:

  • business
  • office software (Microsoft Office, Open Office …)
  • accounting management software (Sage, EBP, Sky)
  • commercial management software
  • customer relationship management software (CRM)
  • electronic document management (EDM)
  • collaborative work tools

IT security
IT security is now a major issue for companies to ensure their competitive edge or simply their business.

We offer graduated answers allowing you to obtain the desired level of protection in order to face the risks to which you are exposed daily in your activity:

  • control of internal and external access
  • protection software (antivirus, antispam …: partner Kaspersky Lab since
  • Active network equipment (routers, firewalls, UTM …)
  • automated and outsourced backup systems outside the cloud for greater confidentiality
  • setting up a computer charter
  • electrical protection of IT equipment

Acer 5755 Nature Laptops India Review

Acer has come up with a range of nature-based laptops in the 5755 series. The colors of this laptop have been inspired by nature and hence the name and there is nothing else nature about it though! There are different colors like Sunset Red, Monsoon Black, Amazon Green, Desert Brown and Pacific Blue range of laptops to choose from the Acer 5755 series. This laptop is powered by Windows 7 Home Basic and Linux OS.


  • Acer Clearfi media console
  • 10 times faster data transfer with USB 3.0
  • Dolby Advanced Audio
  • HD recording with the 1.3 MP camera
  • Comes in special colors inspired by nature

Acer 5755 Specifications

  • Intel Core i3 Processor
  • 2 GB DDR 3 RAM
  • 500 GB Hard disk
  • DVD Writer
  • 15.6 inches LED screen
  • Acer Fine tip Chil-Let Keyboard
  • LAN Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Ethernet


This Acer nature laptop (5755 series) is priced at Rs. 27,999 and tax in India. Comes with a one-year onsite warranty. It also comes bundled with a special offer of getting Reebok shoes worth Rs. 3499 by paying Rs. 499 and also Tata Photon+ worth Rs. 1900 for Rs. 750, as a very limited period offer for this month.

After the Wespro Mini Laptop, it is time for the TCL Mini Netbook which is obviously from the house of TCL which has been making headsets, computer peripherals and other related electronics in India. This TCL Mini Notebook with wi-fi connectivity. It comes at a very cheap price compared with the other big brands.

If you are looking for a 3D laptop then try the new Dell XPS 17 3D model laptops where you get the experience to watch 3D content along with the special 3D glasses that you get along with it. The price of this XPS series of Dell laptops starts from Rs. 49,900. With this 3D laptop, you get the great sound as well as 3D theatre-like experience on your laptop itself.

Features and Specifications

  • Windows CE OS
  • 7 inch LCD display
  • 128 MB RAM
  • 2 GB NAND flash memory
  • 2 USB ports for easy connectivity
  • Wi-fi built-
  • Multimedia (MP3, MP4, etc)
  • Internet surfing possible
  • All the web-based apps access

This TCL Mini Netbook comes with 1-year manufacturer warranty and comes with a free optical mouse if you buy the same from Indiatimes Shopping.

This TCL Mini Laptop is priced at a comfortable price of Rs. 5999 and is an ideal choice for looking for a compact laptop to carry around anywhere and any place without any bulky laptops, bags, etc.

Letsbuy.com Buy Back Program Review

In a first of its kind program for online electronics stores Letsbuy has come up with electronics buyback program where you can get rid of all your old electronics by selling it to Letsbuy Buyback Program and in lieu get a buyback coupon from them to use at their website to buy new electronics.

This way you are getting the money’s worth for your old products and also doing your bit to the earth by helping them recycle it as you are protecting from creating e-waste which may land up as a pile-up and pollute our earth.

How it Works

Just visit Letsbuy Buyback Program and get started by entering your old electronics details. After giving a truthful value and other details you will be given an estimate of the price that it can fetch which will be in the form of Letsbuy Gift Voucher. They will come and pick up the product from your place and evaluate it and confirm the price that was quoted and will reduce it if it was found that the description you have provided did not match, etc.

Then they will activate the gift voucher within 7 days of sending the product which you can use to buy any new product via their website letsbuy.com.

Gift Voucher Value

The gift voucher that you get via this buyback option is valid on 5 x times of minimum purchase. For example, if you get a voucher worth Rs. 1000 then the minimum purchase requirement is Rs. 10,000 to redeem it. This voucher is valid for just one use only.

What You Can Exchange?

Laptops, mobile phones, handphone, toaster, DVD/CD player, camera, blenders, dry iron, etc.

Apart from the drawback of redemption option of 5x the voucher value, this option is useful for those who have lots of waste and useless electronics lying around.

This is a wonderful option available especially from an online electronic store which is innovating new ways to get new customers to buy online. Here’s a new tablet from Smart, the Smart ePad HY which is a touch screen tablet with Android OS.

It is an ultra-thin and lightweight tablet that comes with the cheap price of Rs. 3999 in India which makes it very competitive in terms of price even along the lines of Aakash Tablet. It is a fully loaded feature-rich tablet which can be used to watch movies, play games browse the internet, etc.